We are updating our infrastructure and moving to Amazon Web Services on Sunday, November 19. 2017.

We expect some service disruption during that time as we perform the migration.   

Are you using whitelisted VS servers to access data inside your firewall?

Because you will need to whitelist new servers to avoid disruption. They can be whitelisted now.  

If we have built your VS Dashboard to access SQL-based data sources, files, or other sources of data that reside inside your firewall, you will need to have your It technician to update the VS servers you have whitelisted.  

We are increasing the number of IP Addresses to whitelist because: We have adjusted our policy to increase redundancy. We are improving disaster recovery options.  

The updated list of IP addresses to whitelist is:  

If you have not whitelisted the above IP addresses before the migration, all your data sources inside your firewall will stop being refreshed until the whitelisting has been completed.  

After November 19th, you can remove these from your whitelist:  

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@vitalstatistics.net.au