On Tuesday October 1st 2019 Vital Statistics will be changing its name to ‘Vital Stats’ and moving to a new domain. This update is well overdue and our website and help docs will also be getting new content.

The new domain will be https://vitalstats.live for our website and the subdomain for the dashboard will be https://my.vitalstats.live.

https://vitalstatistics.net.au will begin forwarding to https://vitalstats.live from October 1st.
https://dashboard.vitalstatistics.net.au will begin forwarding to https://my.vitalstats.live from October 1st as well.

We have created a new logo as well which will replace the old one.

Image Placeholder

None of our IPs will be changing so the only thing that you will need to update is the URL that you are accessing the dashboards from to now be from https://my.VitalStats.live instead of https://dashboard.vitalstatistics.net.au